This article is caused by several years of analysis, amassing facts, last but not least taking every thing collectively within one room

This article is caused by several years of analysis, amassing facts, last but not least taking every thing collectively within one room

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It’s expanded beyond ab muscles thin reason for identifying specific alterations in the Vega made banjo products, especially the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone, to incorporate after identity stamps changed. I haven’t tried to fit a romantic date on the serial numbers, but that suggestions — although at the best speculative and estimated — can be obtained in other places, like Mugwumps using the internet. For all the collector/scholar, it is important merely to see whenever changes occured. For any purchaser, it is advisable to understand that an instrument offered as “all initial” probably try. Certain suggestions here enable.

All of the tailpieces and lots of from the tuners additionally originated from Waverly

1st, you should see some specifics. Practically all the metal portion for nearly most of the East coast banjo producers are furnished by one organization — Waverly Music services and products of brand new York, NY, operating from before the turn with the 100 years before 1970s whenever they happened to be acquired by Stewart-MacDonald of Athens, OH. I interviewed Waverly’s next holder, a Mr. Lomb — child and grandson regarding the founders, early in 1970 when he have put the organization on the block. He said that Waverly, for whom he’d worked since his pre-teens, got supplied the vast majority of material areas and items into banjo designers. In his workshop he showed me personally many patterns, blades, tools, and dies found in making the crazy for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, Paramount as well as the conventional nuts we associate with the large makers. Waverly additionally produced lots of, varied, stretcher rings, the straightforward brass hoops employed for build bands regarding the more affordable products, several regarding the parts that gone to the more sophisticated tone rings. Additionally they made the many shoes and hooks, from Cobra hooks used on very early Fairbanks with the latest flat and circular hooks. There comprise other people creating some equipment is actually indisputed, but Waverly produced most of it. I am not sure should they generated the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone local hookup app Barrie assemblies or if perhaps a number of the section had been produced in your area immediately after which put together at Vega — the most likely circumstance.

The likelihood is that Vega decided not to stamp the serial quantity on a rim until final set-up, prior to it actually was ready to getting sent. Considering that the wheels are assembled individually from necks, and because Vega produced ended up selling some styles (5 sequence, tenor, drums, mandolin, plectrum, etc.) it makes perfect sense your serial numbers was not afixed through to the neck and rim were mated. This could clarify why some wheels posses equipment and specifications following the energy when some parts were disountinued. This indicates especially true your earlier in the day Vega #7’s and # 9’s which plainly bought in small volumes, and the put together rims might sit around for a while. It doesn’t explain the evident anomolies of name stamps showing up with serial figures prior to when expected. Two possible information occur to me — there are others. Very first is simply a reporting error, but I’ve come across some yourself, and become delivered photo of other people. Others possible explanation can be the banjo had been gone back to the manufacturing plant, offered another neck with brand-new logo design stamp, but numbered with all the old serial quantity. Your thoughts about this and any other factor highly relevant to this study include welcomed.