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Products and Services – Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions

Our team has had a vast combined experience in similar industries and, as such, at the time of the company’s inception, we were certain that we could do better than the big players at the time of our inception. We noted that most of our competition had poorly trained customer support, a poor choice in data center locations, and dubious routing. Shortly after we launched, we were able to fill in these key missing features in an increasingly demanding market. Products and services that we are currently offering include:

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server, also known as a computing server, is a type of server where all physical resources of a machine are available. Unlike Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which use a portion of their resources to run their virtualization technology, dedicated servers let you utilize all of the machines RAM, computing power, and storage. In cloud computing, this type of solution is also known as ‘bare metal’ in reference to the physical availability of the machine’s resources, in contrast to virtual solutions. With Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions, we guarantee you a full range of expertise in Dedicated Server Solutions. Our servers use state-of-the-art components and each machine has been designed and assembled in-house by our tech team.
We offer a wide variety of highly-efficient dedicated servers, all adapted to the demanding needs of a wired array of organizations. Our servers allow you to host your website, deploy your infrastructure, and even customize your machine to suit your task at the click of a button. What sets our Dedicated Servers apart?

When you choose our dedicated servers, you are guaranteed that all resources are assigned to you for maximum performance. All our servers are specially designed, assembled, maintained, and upgraded by our team to optimize the configurations for each client’s unique needs.

Dedicated Server Options

The configurations we use on our dedicated hosting options have specifically been designed to cater to professional needs. Therefore, depending on your usage, you may find that you need a configuration with bigger storage, more RAM, high processing capacity, etc.

Further, the various Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions server ranges are distinguished by bandwidth capacity as well as the range of servers they are associated with. Choose a dedicated server that is best suited to your needs; the options available include:

This range of servers has been designed to cater to small businesses and startups that are looking to invest in versatile servers that fit their growing business needs.

Optional Server Configuration and Operating Systems

Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions’ Virtual Private Servers are capable of deploying with all major operating systems, which allows you to effortlessly launch your server and continue working with the tools you already know and trust.


Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions also provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) options. VPS hosting essentially combines the benefits of bare metal servers and web hosting packages, which allows you to host web-based applications and sites on one virtual machine. This way you get to enjoy the power of a fully dedicated server without having to invest in a bare metal server. This is further buttressed by the unparalleled scalability and flexibility of the cloud solution. With our VPS solutions, you have the freedom to administer and manage your virtual server without having to manage physical hardware; Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions professionals take care of this on your behalf. Our VPS servers take your hosting experience to a whole new level by offering consistent power and performance, greater control, and effortless scalability. No matter what the nature of your project or what your hosting needs may be, our VPS solution delivers flexibility, superior performance, and affordability.


The cloud offers organizations and individuals an extremely high level of flexibility in order to meet their requirements in terms of computing, storage, and more. Organizations no longer have to make costly investments at the commencement of each project nor do they have to create long-term plans and provisional mediums. With the virtualization of resources and servers, infrastructure can be adapted to suit each client’s needs. They can modify resources in real-time, adding or removing them to cater for any drastic changes in traffic. Additionally, by factoring in the data and backups available on your infrastructures, the cloud guarantees the availability of your data at all times, even in the event of a power outage. The Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions Cloud service avails several cloud solutions that are designed to provide you with support for your projects on a pay-as-you-go basis since the idea behind cloud computing is founded on the ‘as-a-service’ concept. That is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions provides a comprehensive range of cloud solutions, all of which will be invoiced based on your usage. The idea is to make it as affordable as possible for our clients by allowing them to manage their consumption based on the requirements of their projects at each given moment. This, in turn, allows them to save on resources that can then be diverted to the core of their business, driving them closer to their goals. The cloud solutions we currently offer include:
• Migration to the cloud; data imports and exports. • DevOps and continuous integration. • DevOps and continuous integration. • Machine learning. • Deep learning. • Big data solutions.


Our cloud solutions are available to you instantaneously, primarily through a graphical interface or API. These are automatically activated, which ensures that the ‘on-demand’ approach in our cloud
service is alwaysresponsive in terms of
use and implementation

Granular Billing

One of the biggest advantages of using our cloud service is that only resources that have been used are invoiced. This is either done with a gigabyte or hourly granularity. This pay-as-you-go model ensures
that our clients are not investing any resources
in dormant resources.

Hardware Abstraction

The whole idea behind cloud services was to free users from their dependency on physical hardware. Cloud services provide a clear distinction between services delivered and equipment used and end-users are no longer concerned with hardware as has been the case in the past