Probably the most well-known sample is actually Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

Probably the most well-known sample is actually Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

Heptagrams and heptagons can be included in John Dee’s system of Enochian angel wonders, that’s strongly grounded on units of seven.


A hexagram with equidistant guidelines is special in geometry as it should not be attracted unicursally-without lifting and repositioning the pencil. Alternatively, overlapping two triangles paperwork hexagrams.

The six-pointed star try a mandala icon found on southern area Indian Hindu temples, symbolizing the most wonderful hypnotic county of stability. The six-pointed Superstar of David symbolizes Jesus’s rule on top of the universe, plus the Mormon chapel try symbolizes God attaining towards humans and people reaching towards God.

Unicursal Hexagram

The points for the unicursal hexagram, a six-pointed superstar which can be drawn in one continuous activity, commonly equidistant and also the contours commonly of equal length (unlike a typical hexagram). Could, however, healthy inside a circle along with six information pressing the circle.

The unicursal hexagram is usually portrayed with a five-petaled flower for the heart, a mathematical variety produced by Aleister Crowley and associated with the religion of Thelema. Placement limited pentagram during the hexagram’s heart is another variety.

Enneagram of Overlapping Triangles

An enneagram is actually a nine-pointed star, frequently of a branch of believe known as the Fourth Method, which was produced when you look at the twentieth century. Created by three overlapping triangles, it would possibly signify a trinity of trinities, symbolic of holiness or spiritual completion.

An enneagram may additionally be applied as symbolic of universal wholeness, with every point symbolizing an environment, although the 2006 downgrading of Pluto to a dwarf planet complicates this type of symbolization.

Baha’i Enneagram

While the five-pointed superstar may be the official image of Baha’i religion, the nine-pointed celebrity is commonly associated with the faith and it is utilized as the representative signal on their U.S. internet site. There isn’t any regular structure the star. Truly represented here made of three overlapping equilateral triangles, but just as valid depictions may use either sharper or shallower sides on the details. The most popular orientation is actually point-up.


A s. This reflects the union of opposites, as point-up and point-down pentagrams posses their particular meanings. A pentagram can express the 5 characteristics, and a might express the good and negative elements of all elements.


The amount 12 has its own possible definitions. It’s the wide range of period around, symbolizing a yearly routine and its end and wholeness. Simple fact is that quantity of Jesus’ disciples, rendering it a common number in Christianity, as well as the earliest few Hebrew tribes, that makes it common in Judaism.

But a 12-sided figure most commonly shows the zodiac, and is separated into 12 symptoms. Those 12 indications include split into four teams determined by details (three flame signs, three drinking water indications, etc.), thus a dodekagram consists of four overlapping triangles (depicted right here) works specifically well. A dodekagram comprised of two overlapping hexagons can help split the zodiac symbols by male and female characteristics.

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The point-down triangle can signify feminine strength, and liquid and earth tend to be feminine elements. Symbols for atmosphere and flame are created from point-down triangles; point-down triangles can signify the origin into the actual world.

The severe heptagram can be called the Elven celebrity or perhaps the Faerie celebrity and it has come widely implemented by Otherkin, people who think they may be supernatural beings such as for instance elves, fairies, or dragons caught in person systems.