And so the thing are, I’m in an union with this man which is literally my closest friend’s ex

And so the thing are, I’m in an union with this man which is literally my closest friend’s ex

I have been indicating to inquire of this question for a time now, but i really couldn’t select any worthwhile webpages. I ran across this incredible website, and so I considered to inquire here. I’m hoping anybody right here can respond to myself.

I have been with him for longer than four weeks. However I abruptly become responsible because he’s my personal companion’s ex, also because I feel like I’m breaking my moms and dads’ count on.

But primarily i’m guilty and worst because I believe like I’m disobeying Allah. I have merely found your when, but complete no making out or nothing. We do not actually discuss something vulgar, but personally i think similar to this are a sin because we do not know what the long term keeps. So I need break up with him, but he or she isn’t permitting myself because he states it really is okay if we don’t reach both. I believe it still is a sin whether your reach or otherwise not.

So be sure to, can anyone tell me if continuing a relationship before ? No matter if we aren’t starting something and do not plan on performing any such thing because the two of us need the morals?

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Split with your this may merely lead your to the incorrect road really a sin ans haraam. Dont hear your, improve your quantity slice completely EXPOSURE TO HIM. You certainly do not need him, marry precisely the halaal way. If you ask me the guy frequently want to make use of your for starters be sure to DO NOT COUNT ON HIM.

Finally he was together with your closest friend this demonstrably leaves you in a hard place. The guy does not seems good individual or of a good dynamics. SHEDDING YOUR VIRGINITY BEFORE RELATIONSHIPS FOR A MAN ISN’T WORTH IT, BOND CAUTIOUSLY!

As sibling Samina mentioned above, there is absolutely no bf/gf partnership in Islam. No matter whether zina/touching one another was present or not–either method, it’s still Haram. Allah subhanahu wata’ala claims in Holy Quran:

“And do not are available near zina/adultery (for example. dating, staying in a room/place by yourself with a non-mahram, or addressing them by yourself). It (in other words. close zina/dating) are immoral, and an evil method.” (Ouran 17: 32)


As you can plainly see your previously listed ayah forbids coming near zina. Many individuals wrongly understand that zina by yourself is what might prohibited, and so its ok as of yet if zina or touching both just isn’t included. Definitely, definitely a fantastic mistaken belief. Both zina and relationships have-been strictly prohibited per numerous sources from Quran and Sunnah. Relationship (with/without zina) is on its way near zina, and it is without a doubt what has-been forbidden inside the previously discussed ayah. Because there is another sahih hadith which suggests that whenever a man is actually by yourself with a lady (non-mahram) in a personal place, Shaithaan is the third people around them–he will certainly just be sure to whisper evil thoughts and feelings into them.

By now it ought to be clear for you that the commitment you’re in making use of chap try unacceptable in Islam. If the guy wants to ily from inside the suitable Islamic means. As he draws near all your family members and aims to wed you, they can become allowed the opportunity to get to talk to you, simply that must definitely be during the appeal of family or Wali/guardian.

This anxiety inside you is but because of the sophistication of Allah. Simply inform this son it is possible to no more discover your. Complete. Nowadays there is absolutely no making out but it will feel a point of times before it takes place. Sometimes it doesn’t end up in simply a kiss and there are numerous stories right here on this subject web site that confirm that.