About Us

Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions is a global service provider that specializes in state-of-the-art hardware solutions and top tier data delivery for businesses with bandwidth-intensive needs as well as small businesses on the rise. Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions is based in Frisco, Texas and, despite being based in the United States, the company has established clientele all around the world in a wide array of industries.

Over the years Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions has earned a reputation for providing high quality Dedicated Servers as well and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to our clients. We pride ourselves in not only being dedicated to quality but in being creative and tenacious, constantly pushing our boundaries and those of our clients’ businesses. This, along with our highly skilled and dedicated team is what sets us apart from other players in the industry and it is what has enabled our exponential growth and expansion in the few years we have been in operation.

Affordable Servers & VPS Solutions strives to provide its clients with services that not only seem appealing on the surface, but that generate real value for their undertakings, contributing to their growth and bringing them closer to their individual goals. Our philosophy is to put the client’s needs first and, to ensure we are constantly providing the highest possible value, we measure our success with that of our clients.


Our primary mission is to provide value for our clients by furnishing them with reliable hosting options, whether they are an established organization turning in millions or a recently established brand on the come-up. Our biggest ambition is to play a substantive role in our client’s journey to the top of their industry and towards greater profitability.


Our vision is to become the leading hosting service provider in the global market place, based not just only on the volume of our clientele, but on their satisfaction, the quality we deliver, process improvement capacity, constant innovation, and technology enhancement.

  • Core Values


We are committed to honesty and responsibility in all our business dealings and we are constantly building trust and working towards higher levels of transparency between ourselves and each of our clients.


We have all heard that nothing in this world can be perfect, but we try nonetheless. We combine a practical approach unique to every client with innovative thinking to realize the best possible hosting option for each of these clients.


We are also firm believers in flexibility and adaptability, which allows us to respond to our clients’ evolving needs and requirements. Our team of professionals is constantly evolving and adapting to match a constantly changing tech ecosystem, which ensures that we are always providing our clients with the latest, cutting-edge hosting solutions that the market can offer.


We are constantly seeking the input of our clients to deliver solutions that are truly a combination of each client’s vision, our expertise, and innovation; giving both the client and service provider satisfaction in their roles.